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I hope you enjoy! ;3

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Pretty amazing artwork goes in here! X3


Catalina Island
Well, this was fun to do, but also quite tiring.  There was a lot of details to pay attention to! This is a digital painting of a picture my friend took on our Catalina Island Marine Biology field trip back in April.  Now that was an adventure I'll never forget! We went kayaking, snorkeling (day AND night), got to pet various sea creatures, and gazed at the stars.  We all had an incredible time!  

If you're ever happen to be in Southern California, I would highly recommend visiting the island.  It's quite beautiful!   
A Heart's a Heavy Burden
But it's worth it.

. . . Especially when you just FINISHED SCHOOL!!! AND YOUR HEART FEELS LIGHT AS A FEATHER! Victory Dance Revamp    . . . Or, you know, when you found your special someone. 

Just watched Howl's Moving Castle a week or so ago in one of my classes, and felt a need to draw a fan art of it.  Sooo here you go!  I'm pretty happy with it, and I hope you all enjoy it too!  
Summmmma time!!! Whoop whoop!! Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 
So glad to be done with another school year! 
Starry Hair
. . . . 

I feel like I should have some deep saying to go with this but . . . I'm drawing a blank. ;.;  It was fun piece to do though, and was very inspired by a few Instagram artists who were doing galaxy hair.  I thought, "Hey, that looks REALLy cool.  Let's give it a go!"  In other words, this wasn't pre-planned like some of my other works are.  
Any who, hope you enjoy!  :3 

I'm almost to summer break!  Only a few more days! Yescrying 
Darius Brookington


  • Age: Between 14-18 (Still unsure how old . . . ) 
  • Gender: Male 
  • Birthday: May 11th 
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Skin tone: Light olive.  Tans somewhat easily. 
  • Hair color: Chestnut brown with darker brown streaks 
  • Eye Color: Left- Gold  Right- Silver 
    • Reason: No one really knows, even doctors are unsure.  The only theory is that the occurrence is due to some sort of strange genetical defect.  
  • Ethnicity: 30% British, 25% Chinese, 20% Greek, 15% French, 10% other 
  • Scars/Birthmarks: There’s a scar on the front of his left calf 

  • Personality: Mischievous, witty, hard-working, confident, thoughtful, curious
  • Fears: Forgetting people close to him, knowledge, or identity; getting close to peers; bringing in an unknown situation
  • Virtues: Honest (for the most part), passionate, imaginative 
  • Flaws: Snarky, perfectionist, trouble-maker (he says virtue), a bit arrogant 
  • Enjoys: Baklava, fencing, attending symphonies, messing with people, good food, weapons, nature, sleep, anything gold or silver, challenges 
  • Dislikes: Boredom, organized sports, messy anything 

Brief History: 

On a brisk spring morning in May, a baby boy was born.  His birth was exciting for many, especially since he was the firstborn of a man who was going to rise to high places in the world of international business.  It was also quite surprising.  The baby boy had gleaming eyes, one gold and one silver.  Doctors were baffled at the oddity.  No one could answer the mystery.  But it didn’t matter to the baby’s parents, they were just glad to have a child of their own.  And so he was named Darius, son of Jonathan and Suzanna Brookington. 

  Darius grew up on the northern East Coast of the United States of America with his parents in a family estate nestled on the edge of woods.  His home was immersed in nature, the nearest city being more than an hour away.  Darius had a fairly happy early childhood, despite his father being away for weeks on end and ignoring him at home.  Johnathan was just getting his business started, and as anyone would suspect, it kept him quite busy and stressed.  As much as he loved his son, Johnathan put most of his attention into his business.  Darius grew accustomed to the long absences of his father. The boy made due by playing light-hearted tricks on the house staff, spending time with his mother, and adventuring through the woods.  

When Darius reached school-age, he was sent to a prestigious academy that jumps start children on their educational journeys.  Mr. Brookington was very excited for his son to go there, especially since that’s where his own father sent him.  Darius was  excited to begin learning and was sure it would be easy, but things didn’t quite go as accordingly as he would’ve hoped.  The school was rigid and fast-paced.  Every subject was a struggle for Darius.  Through his first few years at the academy, Darius fell behind many of his peers in almost everything.  His parents began to worry.  They realized the academy wasn’t working for their son.     

Thankfully a close friend of Mrs. Brookington had a son who just graduated from college and was looking for a tutoring job.  The Brookingtons decided to give it a try and hired Michael Langley.  They took Darius out of the academy and had him tutored at home.  It was the perfect thing to do.  Darius saw Michael as an older brother he never had, and learned that learning was truly fun.  Within the first year of his home schooling, Darius rapidly improved.  His writing became clear, his reading speed improved, and math actually made sense.  Through this experience of education, Darius had no trouble closing the gap between he and his peers.  He rapidly excelled past them too, all whilst learning that hard work pays off.  Finally as he approached 7th grade, his father allowed him to go an academy.  Darius pounced on the opportunity.  It was an almost seamless transition.  

As his high school years approached, Mr. Brookington decided to introduce his son to the world: a different country for every year of high school.  The tentative plan is for Darius to go to England, Greece, France, and China.  Adventures, mysteries, and wondrous sights await Darius in the coming four years.  And this is where the story of the boy with the million dollar eyes begins.    


  • Darius got his scar when he was five years old.  The boy was trying to swing one his father’s swords around . . . but he wasn’t quite strong enough to hold it up.  The blade ended up niching Darius’ leg as he fell over.
  • This boy is obsessed with gold and silver.  Anything made from that material or the same color as them has his undivided attention.  Don’t ask him which metal he likes more .  .  .  he’ll get super ticked off.  How could he chose between two “substances of perfection”?  
  • One of his favorite childhood memories was learning how to make baklava with a world-class chef that was visiting his father.
  • The flute is his instrument of choice.  
  • Darius dislikes organized sports so much, because he’s actually terrible at them!  He didn’t have many friends growing up, so he never really learned how.  When he finally went to an academy, he tried playing some, but couldn’t get the knack of any of them.  He finds it easier to just say he dislikes them.  Darius mainly sticks to individual sports.      
  • He is an excellent wildlife/ botanist sketcher.  His mother taught him in the afternoons while she worked in her garden. 
  • He is nearly fluent in Mandarin, French, and Greek. 
  • Although Darius seems completely at ease around people, he actually gets pretty shy and nervous . . . He just knows how to mask it.  

~Viola!  My boy has a bio now!  I'm so happy I got this done! Run   Just a forewarning, some of this may change as time goes on.  If you have any comments, suggestions or the like, I would love to hear them!~ 


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Art is my passion in life, and I hope to pursue a career in it. I have always loved drawing for as long as I can remember!
And just so you know, I love God! He's pretty awesome. He's always in a good mood! ;D
Hmm.... Lets see, what else can I put on here? Eh, I'll think of other stuff later.



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